The Digital World helps in getting connected to each other with just a click. It is our endeavour to enable the Senior Citizen Community to get up to speed. Whether it is a Social Media Interaction, Messaging or paying your bills we are here to train you & help you upgrade your technical skills

Basic Computer & Smart Phone Training 
We facilitate training on basic computers operations like eMail to your loved ones, Type a document, Print your receipts & a lot more. Today everybody has a smartphone but using it to its full capacity gives one the power to get more out of it. We are here to help you with hands on training on using your gadget. 

Safe Online Payment 
Today the whole world is moving to online payment systems and soon days will be gone when one will write a cheque. There are safety methods which one needs to follow while paying your Telephone, Electricity or other Utility bills. We train you to use these payment gateways & help you to identify the most secured one. We will help you to order your first product on Amazon !

Renewals Made Easy 
Online renewals of Driving License or Life Certificate etc is not easy. For the elders it is even more cumbersome to provide all these documents whether manually or digitally. Here we help with the best suitable way to renew your documents smoothly & securely. We have an experienced backend team to handhold you at every step.

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