Medical Procedures

Foley’s Catheter Insertion

To ensure discretion and maintain dignity, catheter insertions and maintenance are performed by skilled HomeCare professionals under the supervision of a doctor right at the patient’s home.

Wound Dressing and Suture Removal

Removing stitches and wound dressing is a process that most people dread. To alleviate anxiety and to optimize recovery, patients who require these procedures can avail wound dressing at home for comfort and convenience.

IV Fluid Management

Intravenous therapy can be quite exhausting for the patient and needs to be performed with the utmost care. Taking such a treatment at home becomes easier when our health experts are by the patients’ side to aid with any discomfort. They will also ensure the environment and equipment are sterile; to prevent infections and further complications.

Drug Administration

Drug administration for patients who require medication rapidly or slowly, but constantly via intravenous therapy, intramuscular injection or subcutaneous injection is possible at home. Our healthcare experts help determine dosage and use of equipment for the best treatment of the patient.


Home Care

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