Home Care

MyGoldenCare offers simple to complex home care solutions for patients. From post-surgery cases to chronic care at home, we have a trained team of nurses, personal care attendants, physios and para-medics to handle a variety of care needs. We provide specialist services including pulmonary rehabilitation, speech therapy, sleep apnea treatment, dementia care, mini ICU set-up for critical care cases and trained ICU nurses. We also provide personal care attendants for the Senior Citizens who can help in cleaning, bathing and toileting activities.


Vaccination is the process of administering an antigenic substance or vaccine that provides immunity against one or more diseases. It stimulates immunity in human body and protects the vaccinated person from infection and thus prevents the onset of the disease.


MyGoldCare offers lab packages, individual lab tests and prescribed diagnostic tests at your home. Our experts collect the lab samples from your doorstep and process it at certified Pathology Laboratories. The lab reports are shared within 24 to 48 hours.

Medical Procedures

Travelling when unwell can lead to complications. In order to minimise such risks wound dressing and urinary catheterization can now be done in the comfort of your home.


Home Care

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