Proactive Health Monitoring @home keeps you updated with health trends & flags health deterioration early so as to get timely medication & treatment to avoid escalation. Automatic Alerts are set for vitals by the device using an Artificial Intelligence Software Logic and it triggers an alert as soon as there is a deviation from the threshold. 

Contactless Remote Health Monitoring Device
The Device has Data Pod which is connected to Power & Internet. The Sensor Sheet is kept below the bed. It captures more that 250 Vitals every second of the body. This is a near Medical Grade device with more than 98% Accuracy.


MyGoldenCare Services

  1. Installation of Device at your home.

  2. Connectivity to Internet & Power supply.

  3. Central Monitoring of : 

    • Heart rate

    • Respiration

    • Sleep Quality

    • Heart rate variability

  4. Provides real time report & alerts.

  5. Proactive reporting of any irregularity.

  6. Weekly health update to children/relatives.


Report & Alerts
While you sleep the Device monitors Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Variability. It provides real time reports as required or one can pre-plan daily/weekly reports which get delivered to your email ID. 

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