MyGoldenCare Emergency Response is a unique offering for our members who subscribe to a monthly elder care package. From providing a 24/7 Helpline to arranging ambulance at the middle of the night, the Emergency Response service is widely used by our members. Some of the top hospitals provide discounts to our members too. When an Emergency occurs, we can activate the response protocol much sooner. We help co-ordinate payments to the hospital and provide post hospital home care when the elderly are released back home.

Emergency Doctors

These are the doctors who are available in Emergency. They are specialised to cover situations which required immediate attention for Senior Citizens at home. MyGoldencare has access to such doctors who saves your life at an emergency.

+91 88825 38460


MyGoldenCare’s emergency response system transports our members to a hospital of their choice, manages the admission procedure and coordinates the member’s entire hospital stay. Old Age Care requires attention.

+91 88825 38460


Our 24/7 protocol led response team goes to their location and our network of ambulance service offers urgent medical attention, if needed. Then the member is transported to the hospital of their choice.

+91 88825 38460


Home Care

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