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Welcome to motherhood...get ready for the time of your life! Caring for your little one is an emotional roller coaster ride...Being a mom while having a full-time job basically makes you a real-life superhero. Both mother and the infant need constant attention while feeding, bathing, housekeeping, and more. The support of a well-trained attendant at home will do them wonders. 

Once you have a little one in your house,  suddenly the new responsibility of parenthood will make you take extra caution and care. With all the adjustments you are making, one of the most important things to learn is when you have an infant, nothing else matters. Becoming a parent can be a bit overwhelming, especially when advice pours in from all sides. So we have compiled this handy guide of quick tips to give you the confidence you need to embrace your new role.


1. Live in the now.  Stop worrying about laundry, gardening etc...Enjoy every precious moment with your little one. 


​2. Know your kid. Each child is a unique combination of strengths and challenges. Tailor your response to fit the kid in front of you.

3. Find your crew. Identify family & friends you can call when you need to vent. Love them & thank them.


4. Let your partner take over. He’s all in, so encourage him to be in charge of some of the activities. They are great bonding activities—and an opportunity for you to take a breather. 


5. Be ready for tough days. Trust your instincts even if you can’t diagnose what’s wrong when your child doesn’t feel well. Stock up on rehydration drinks & necessary medications so you don’t have to run to the store in the middle of the night.


6. Put down your phone. When you are with your kid, that call/text/e-mail can wait. They know when you are not paying attention. 

7. Help your baby fall asleep on her own. After a bath, feed and cuddling, put her down while she’s drowsy but still awake. If you feed or rock her to sleep, she’ll always need your help to nod off.

Studies have indicated that effective home care for mother and baby can improve their bonding and reduce post-delivery hassles. We understand the joy of caring for your little ones. Parents always want the best for their kids and do not want to compromise on their kids care when they are dedicated towards to making their future secure and pleasant. Mygoldencare helps you specify your need in simple ways and works based on your inputs to list the best matching people willing for baby care at home. We facilitate for you to talk to them, meet them as per your convenience and if mutually beneficial then work out the engagement modalities.

Our Process

Step 1 : Requirement Gathering

To understand your requirement, your preferences, your expectations from the carer and other necessary household infrastructure. 

Step 2 : Profile Mapping

The given description is documented and is mapped with the profiles in hand so as to meet your expectation. We also work with our partners to find the most suitable fitment for you.

Step 3 : Selection & Handover

The first level briefing and interview is done by our team. Later a telephonic or Face-to-Face interview of the candidate is done by you to  finalise the person. All terms are discussed, post which a triparty agreement is signed between the candidate, you and us. 


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